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Picnic Worthy Sandwich

“Lobster rolls in a laundromat—that’s all you need to know. The couple that opened this tiny soup and sandwich shop is redefining the meaning of convenience food. Get your fix with a fancy grilled cheese, like the grilled zucchini with Fontina, red onions and pistachio pistou, or the previously mentioned Maine staple.”

Holy Grail Items To Order

“The most surprising fact about Persimmon Cafe is that it has been a part of Charleston for less than 3 years. Persimmon Cafe is locally owned by Robert and Kristen Cassi, who also help local and student organizations on campus with percentage nights.”

The Charleston Plague

“As you already know, CofC Spoon is obsessed with Persimmon, especially when we’re sick. From their cheesy sandwiches to their heart-warming soups, they have everything the doctor ordered. And by doctor, I mean our self-prescribed need for Persimmon. If you and your significant other happen to be sick at the same time, make sure to hit up Date Night at Persimmon, where you get two sandwiches, two sides, two drinks, and a custard for $20.”

Second Bite – Summerville, SC

“Co-owner Rob Cassi chose Flowertown for his second location after three years operating in downtown Charleston because he wanted to be an integral part of the rising culinary scene in that growing area.”

Charleston Date Ideas On The Cheap

Persimmon Cafe Date Night

“Persimmon Cafe hosts a date night on the third Thursday of every month, where a couple can drop $20 and receive two sandwiches, two sides, two drinks, and one frozen custard to split, from 4-9 p.m. And did we mention the cafe is located in a laundromat? Yep, that’s right. You can do your laundry while sharing custard with a cutie, which is a multi-tasking dream date if there ever was one.”